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Glossary of Select Terms

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  • Autostereo3D – The visual presentation of a stereo pair(s) of discrete images to the naked eye (i.e. without the use of any special eyewear).
  • Digital Signage – The placement (and most often networking) of digital monitors in public locations for point-of-sale, entertainment, information or advertising purposes.
  • Display – LCD or Plasma screen monitor.
  • Embedded Systems- Embedded Systems encapsulates all markets where ELIXIR 3D technology is integrated into a particular stand alone appliance.
  • Multi-viewer – Visually viewable by more than one person at the same time.
  • Narrowcasting – The dissemination of data through a private network of displays (compared with broadcasting over open networks).
  • Narrowcast network – A multitude of displays linked through narrowcasting to a centralized data network operating center, allowing for data to be disseminated centrally to multiple displays in a variety of locations.
  • Network Operating Center – A place from which administrators supervise, monitor and maintain a telecommunications network.
  • Parallax Barrier Technology – Comprises alternating transmissive and non-transmissive columns aligned with the columns of the LCD pixels, which generates two regions in space (or viewing windows) creating a 3D perception.
  • Professional 3D Visualization: The use of specialized (computer aided design) software programs to generate interactive 3D models for display in either a 2D display or on an autostereo3D display.
  • Stereo – The visual presentation of two discrete images (one designed for viewing through the left eye, the other through the right eye), such that human brain perceives a 3 dimensional depth perspective. This is often through the use of special eyewear.
  • 2D/3D Switchable Display – A display that can be electronically switched between full resolution 2D mode and autostereo3D mode with software contained with the display, also referred to as “switchability.”

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