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Elixir 3D™ Technology

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Elixir 3D™ technology

Technology meets content creation by joining with the Hollywood creative pedigree of Elixir Entertainment for development and production of new motion pictures, selectively and artistically combining joint capabilities for media with distribution channels, both domestic and international, to maximize the current wave of excitement in 3D and establish the industry standard. As well, Elixir 3D offers state of the art 2D to 3D conversion for all entertainment platforms.

Deployment of several hundred screens is underway in the US and Mexico.  Elixir 3D, with efforts made by Elixir Entertainment in development of our marketing strategies, multiple agreements have been reached for deployment of our 3D monitors in high pedestrian traffic locations including convenience stores, shopping malls, and major commercial buildings.

We are currently structuring a business model to provide 3D to IP delivered TV with existing providers of on-demand streaming video.  Proprietary software delivers a critical solution to IP delivery: An H.264 comparable bitrate for 3D that puts no greater demand on the IP pipeline than for non 3D video.



A 2D video of an Elixir 3D™ 46" flat screen monitor playing back a 3D demo.

Technology Overview

The ELIXIR 3D™ commercial grade 3D digital technology presents expectation defying, audience wowing experiences with images that appear both markedly outside the screen and considerably deep inside the screen, all without the use of special glasses. We pair off-the-shelf augmented hardware with proprietary content transforming software and combine it with licensed narrow cast networking software to create innovative, turnkey, multiple application media solutions, including production, compression, networking, playback, and interactive tools, as well as custom 3D display designs. This technology enables us to address each target market’s specific and unique content requirements for autostereo 3D displays.

Autostereo 3D Displays

In addition to the proprietary content enhancement process, the unprecedented 3D images are made possible through the use of slanted lenticular technology.  When combined with the software, the addition of the lens to a brand name LCD screen provides a cost effective hardware solution that reflects 3D images with superior sharpness.

We utilize typical 23” to 55” LCD displays primarily used in the digital signage and home entertainment markets; and our 3D custom display products are available for an array of additional uses including casino slot machines, automotive DVD players, medical diagnostics, and CAD applications.

The Slanted Lenticular Lens Technique – How it works

Slanted Lenticular is the most advanced method that can mitigate some of the disadvantages of the more common parallax barrier / normal lenticular lens methods, by tilting the lenticular lens.  With the slanted structure of the lenticular lens, the 3-D pixel is composed of R/G/B sub-pixels located in a different column and row. As a result, the resolution degradation in the 3-D mode is divided into both horizontal and vertical directions.  Moreover, with the slanted structure, there is no black stripe as seen in parallax barrier / normal lenticular lens methods, as the R/G/B sub-pixels are observed between the black matrices.  Therefore, the quality of the 3-D image is enhanced.

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