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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Elixir 3D and other companies that can deliver 3D technology?

The 3D phenomenon is not new but has recently turned the entertainment and media industry into a frenzy.  All participants in this current day “gold rush” are pursuing 3D viewing with glasses.  Our proprietary 3D technology delivers the 3D experience without requiring glasses.

Does the project have to be filmed in 3D to be seen on Elixir 3D monitors?

No. Elixir 3D monitors deliver 2D and 3D video signals.

Will Elixir 3D only work on a special monitor?

Elixir 3D rendered output can be viewed by any 3D system, however to be seen without glasses, the monitor must utilize our technology.  To view one of our current systems, please contact us.  3D without glasses has to be seen to be believed.

At what distance from the monitor will the 3D effect be visible with Elixir 3D technology?

The distance varies depending on the size of the screen.  The larger screens reveal the 3D effect at a distance up to 50 feet.

What is the viewing radius to a monitor?

The 3D viewing radius is approximately 130 degrees.

Can Elixir 3D convert 2D content into 3D content for viewing?

Yes, to the highest standards of the day.

How does the technology work for monitors?

The image fields within each frame of video are separated such that the viewer is able to recognize the subtle difference of the left eye versus the right eye’s perspective thus creating the “stereoscopic” 3D impression.

Will the quality of the viewing experience be better without glasses than with glasses?

Yes, the sharpness and resolution of the Elixir 3D glassless image is superior.  In addition, the viewer is free of the discomfort and inconvenience of the glasses.  For home viewing there is not a requirement of an inventory of glasses for guests.

Can Elixir 3D work on a major stadium billboard?

The software is capable but the application of the technology is dependent on the billboard itself. Elixir 3D can create a tiled wall of any size, combining several monitors for its presentation.  The content can be presented over scale, segmented into each tile (monitor), or the design for delivery can be a split screen concept presenting independent content.